Simplifying the evaluation of  financial and transactional data

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Changing the Sports landscape

The Sports industry is a fast-paced environment. Connecting stakeholders efficiently and convergence through its digital solutions; from financial performance to decision making to trading of Players, is why SportsFi exists.

The Problem we’re solving

The sporting sector has traditionally struggled to manage data and deals, internally and externally. Manual processes has led to inefficient time management and a loss of opportunities. Improve performance, reduce costs and assess & control risk with SportsFi.

The Solution we’ve built

A sector specific software focused on Sports, its transactions and related finances. Powered by data to effectively manage deals & finances. SportsFi software provides users with the information required, empowering decision making using the required tools.

Which tasks can SportsFi help you with ?

Live data tracking

Evaluate and track finances, Player contracts and obligations in real time, all powered by data


Automate the collection of data from across your organisation and gather it to one place

Data visualisation

Not everyone loves a spreadsheet! Use graphs to share and present your data and collaborate with colleagues

Playing trading

Simplify player trading - eliminate reliance on manual paperwork by connecting Leagues, Teams, Players and Agents digitally.

Access to finance

Seamlessly access multiple funders via a few clicks. Zero fees or commissions. Invite & onboard your existing funder.

Supporting the Sports sector through simple data visualisation and real time data tracking

SportsFi reduces manual offline tasks by pulling your financial & operational data in real time, efficiently evaluating the underlying data. The convergence of data streams optimises the business of Sports via connectivity, insights, analysis and reporting.

Replace manual processes with a collaborative digital infrastructure. Connect, share & visualise your data.

Convenience meets efficiency - using software to automate, streamline & process deals and data. The days of multiple spreadsheets are over.

Access finance - Avoid the networking hassle. Filter competitive terms from pre-qualified lenders. No finance expertise required.