What is SportsFi, and what does it offer in the sports sector?

SportsFi is a digital platform designed for the sports sector that facilitates sports transactions, manages finances and data management. It serves as a comprehensive digital hub for various sports-related activities, including player trading, financial management, and access to financial markets.

How does SportsFi work?

SportsFi leverages technology to streamline data collection and management within the sports industry. It provides a secure and user-friendly platform where sports professionals and organisations can digitise their transactions, manage financial data, and access essential sports-related information.

What are the key features of SportsFi?

SportsFi offers a range of features, including player trading, financial data management, access to financial markets, and centralised data storage. It enables users to collaborate and conduct these activities efficiently and securely.

Who can benefit from using SportsFi?

SportsFi is designed for a wide range of users within the sports sector, including sports teams, athletes, sports organisations, agents, investors, and anyone involved in sports transactions or data management.

How can I get started with SportsFi?

To get started with SportsFi, you can sign up for an account on our platform, we will then reach out to you to onboard you and then you'll have access to its various features and tools. You can then begin digitising your sports transactions and taking advantage of its data-driven capabilities.

Does it cost anything to get started with SportsFi?

With SportsFi, there are no transaction or broking fees to worry about. You can explore your funding options and lender matches entirely for free. We operate on a 'no fee' basis — meaning, you only pay your subscription fee, should you successfully secure finance with our assistance – that’s success all round.

If you don't secure funding, you don't owe us anything.

How does SportsFi use my data?

Your information is safe with us and it's always your own. We use the details and data you input to help optimise your profile. Our system is designed with your privacy in mind, giving you total control over who sees your information.

It's completely up to you to choose if and when to share your data with any third party. And don't worry, you can also set user-based permissions so multiple users under your account can look around only at information you want them to see.

Is my data safe on SportsFi?

Yes, SportsFi prioritises data security and employs robust encryption and authentication measures to protect user data. Your information is stored securely, and access is restricted to authorised individuals.

How can I succinctly explain SportsFi's role to my operations team?

SportsFi brings modern digital solutions to the traditionally manual procedures in the sports sector, especially in deal-making and financial operations. It offers a platform that eases the assessment and management of transactional data and deals.

The software is designed to facilitate player trading for teams and agents, streamline financial processes for finance departments, and enable professional athletes to keep track of bonuses tied to their performance. It also grants all users entry to the financial markets.

SportsFi caters exclusively to sports industry participants like leagues, teams, athletes, and agents. Moreover, it supports collaboration with non-subscribers such as legal advisors and financial managers, who play a part in handling deals and finances. The core mission of SportsFi is to equip its users with the technological tools necessary for their success.

Can I store all my sports-related data in one place on SportsFi?

Absolutely! SportsFi centralises your sports-related data, making it easily accessible from a single platform. This eliminates the need to juggle multiple tools, spreadsheets, or systems to manage your sports transactions and information.

Is SportsFi a replacement for using a broker or debt advisor?

SportsFi is designed to work independently without the need of brokers or debt advisors.

We help you find the most suitable financing option for your needs and then facilitating direct connections with lenders, which is often where the greatest value of a broker or debt advisor lies.

But we also know that sometimes you might need a little extra help with things like understanding terms or answering detailed questions from lenders. When that happens, we're happy to help with our inhouse finance experts or if you require further specialist advice, we are happy to introduce you to a debt advisor from our network who can step in and give you a hand.

Do I need to have finance knowledge to get started?

SportsFi is built for everyone, no matter your finance know-how. With our resources and dedicated support team, you'll be able to grasp your funding choices and lender matches with ease, even if you're new to accessing finance.

And don't forget, exploring your options with SportsFi won't cost you a thing. We stick to a ‘no transaction, broking fees’ promise — you only pay your subscription fee. So, you can use SportsFi without any financial expertise or fees holding you back!

How quickly can I receive my funding?

Applying to access finance with us is quick and easy –takes just a few minutes, and you'll receive product guidance and lender matches that best work for you. After that, the time it takes to receive your funding can vary depending on the type of financial product you're interested in. But don't worry, each of our products include an estimated timeline to funding within terms offered, so you'll have a good idea of how long it might take. Some options could see you funded within a week, while others might take 6-8 weeks. Your response time will define.

Can I manage my team's finances using SportsFi?

Yes, SportsFi provides tools for managing team finances. Simplify your finances by automating tasks. Get real-time analysis, simulations, and dynamic budgeting. You can monitor payments, bonuses, and add-ons in real-time with easy-to-use dashboards. Get alerts and notifications, plus run scenario analysis on P&L forecasting.

SportsFi improves budgeting, forecasting, and reporting for Users without the need for multiple spreadsheets.

How does player trading work on SportsFi?

SportsFi allows users to process player trading within its platform. Users can submit offers, negotiate deals with other users or non-users, and complete player transactions digitally before submitting to the respective leagues for player registration. This simplifies and speeds up the player trading process.

How does SportsFi compare on a cost comparable ‘Subscription vs Broking model’ to arrange finance?

Here is an example to compare the cost-effectiveness of using SportsFi's subscription service versus the traditional broking model for arranging financing, such as for a €20 million loan over a three-year period.

In the broking model, the costs include fees typically exceeding €200,000, and the funding options are limited. Additionally, there is less leverage to negotiate interest rates due to the typical funding options.

On the other hand, the SportsFi subscription service charges €150,000 annually. This service offers access to a wide pool of lenders and, due to competitive bidding, can save €300,000 to €400,000 in interest costs (0.75-1% per annum).

The average net savings by using SportsFi, considering both the subscription fee and the lower interest costs, amount to around €350,000 compared to the broker model. This figure doesn't take into account the time saved, which could be significant. Moreover, with SportsFi, users can conduct multiple deals per year without an increase in subscription fee, which can lead to further savings on subsequent transactions.

It's important to note that these indicative savings could vary proportionally with a team's borrowing levels. For top tier clubs the savings are substantially more on ‘Subscription vs Broking model’

Do I commit to anything by setting up an account?

Not at all! Signing up with SportsFi is completely commitment-free. Users can begin by simply exploring the software features, and when you feel the time is right, you can subscribe based on the multiple options available. You're in the driver's seat, and we are here just to help guide you through the complex world of debt financing at your own pace.

Is there customer support available if I have questions or encounter issues?

Yes, SportsFi offers customer support to assist users with any questions or problems they may encounter. You can reach out to our support team through our platform for assistance.